Working women wednesday

Working Women Wednesday 

Working Women Wednesday is a series on the hard working women in our community. Since the dawn of creation, women have been absolutely critical in the growth of our society. There are plenty of successful women in our community and on Working Women Wednesday we try to acknowledge them to give them the credit the rightfully deserve.

"Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.”

- Beyonce Knowles Carter

The series

The Working Women Wednesdays will be a new series featured on the DJ BJ 3525 Youtube Channel. You will be asked to participate in an on-air interview on Hot 107.5 and you will be filmed for a video on our Youtube Channel. Simply fill out the form below to be featured. You will also be entered in our directory below. 

Meet the Working Women

They pulled themselves up to where they are now. Each one has their own story, read about them.

The series

The Creator

Camille L. Gavin
Business Consultant

at 3525 Entertainment LLC

Ms. Gavin is widely known as a serial entrepreneur and business consultant. She graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelors in business and a minor in marketing. She runs her own consulting and management firm called CLG Enterprises. She also runs her own beauty bar & is a nurse. If there were to be a team of super women, Ms. Gavin would be the captain.

we are here to empower all women.

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