Working Woman Wednesday: Carla Cotton CEO of Spoiled Forever Clothing Store

Carla Cotton CEO/Founder of spoiled forever has made it clear that her store is steering clear of the general norms of boutiques in the metro Detroit area.

“We are a clothing store not a boutique, we have affordable prices and we carry sizes up to a 3x which is not typical for boutiques,” she said.

Back in 2006 Cotton started Spoiled Brat an online store, she received lots of experience but stopped her store to work a 9-5. After realizing that she was most happy when she was working for herself Spoiled Forever was born. Keeping that spoiled mentality the name of the store evolved.

“I realized that when I was working for myself I could make my own schedule and travel like I really wanted to. There wasn’t all this pressure to check in with someone,” Cotton said.

Spoiled Forever is located in Highland Park Michigan and as of 2016 a second location in Southfield Michigan has been opened. Consumers also have the leisure of shopping the spoiled forever brand online.

What makes spoiled forever stand out from the rest is their wide variety of clothing and sizes.

“We carry a size 0 all the way up to a size 3x, we have clothing for every type of women. A lot of women who wear a larger size have a hard time shopping and think they can’t shop here but we have it all,” she said.

The clothing store prides itself on its top seller the Brazilian Jeans; the stretch fabric hugs a woman’s body and gives it the lift in all the right places.

Shopping with spoiled forever you will not only be following the latest trends you will be setting them as well.

“Yes we follow trends, but we set them, we won’t settle for cheap fabric or poorly made clothing, we want nothing but the best for our customers,” cotton said.

You can shop the spoiled forever brand at or visit either two locations in Southfield or Highland park. Be sure to also keep up with Spoiled Forever trends @Spoiledforever on Instagram.

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