Over 200 small Businesses from Michigan gathered at Eastern market on Sunday for the “All Things Detroit” event. Shoppers had the chance to shop around browsing through the latest Detroit apparel, hand made purses, jewelry, clothing or food.

A lot of homemade recipes were featured at various booths and the samples were endless. Award winning, Dancy’s Fancy Butter, were one of those vendors handing out free samples. Shoppers could taste the uniquely flavored butters on baguette bread. Ingredients ranged from Cinnamon to honey, to chive and Onion. Fans sampling instantly raved calling it “amazing,” “the best I’ve ever had,” “delicious.” Based out of Concord Michigan Dancy’s Fancy Butter is owned by Anna Dancy and Freddie Dancy. Their tasty unique butters can be found in various food markets around Michigan.

Also amongst the vendors was 313 Energy, an energy drink with a twist. The twist is when you purchase a 313 Energy some of the profits are donated to help the Detroit Public School System. CEO Josh Soleimani and President Brett Ferber started this off as a high school entrepreneurial project.

“We originally started this off with the idea of making water bottles but we thought Detroit needs a Boost it needs some energy so that’s what we decided to go with,” Soleimani said.

313 Energy has been called a healthier choice when picking an energy drink with only 20 calories per can and 5 grams of pure cane sugar. Caffeine in the drink stems from the guarana fruit. The product received many mixed reviews as they sampled the drink.

Theo Bennet from Edmonton Alberta Canada said, “I like that it’s unique, it doesn’t taste like any other energy drink.”

However many people who claim they were fans of energy drink called 313 energy too sweet, or its not as strong as what they were use too.

The event was held in Shed 3 and Shed 5 of the Eastern market and lasted from 10am to 5pm. Missed the first event? All things Detroit will be back in the City May 7th and again November 5th.



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