Friday night cypher

The Series

Are you the next star?


-All Artist who will be performing the week of the cypher must be signed up online or you will not be able to rap.

- The online Signup will start the Sunday before the next cypher.

- Minimum of 2 post a day on all social media platforms must use #cypher3525, @djbj2525 and also tag him in all rap related post leading up to Friday night cypher.

- Must arrive between 7:30pm - 8:10pm.

- Must bring identification that will be copied and kept on file.


The Cypher

- First 2 people to sign in and have identification on file receives immunity and goes straight to on air battle.

- 1 person will be picked by DjBj that had the best online buzz leading up to cypher and will receive immunity as well and go straight to on air battle.

- 2 people will be DjBj wild card picks and also receive immunity.

- 1st Five Core members to arrival receives immunity.



Core Rules

- No late Arrivals. 

- No missing a week.

-No going over 16 bars.

- No profanity except (Ass, Bitch and Hoe can be used).

- No weapons allowed on radio station grounds.

- No kids.

- No more than 2 guest per Artist.

-No wandering around the building once Inside must be accompanied by personnel at all times.

- Dont touch the door.

- Must arrive before 8:10pm door will close and will not re-open.

- Must be out the building and off the property by 10pm

Breaking these rules will forfeit your spot in the core.

- Website Sign up starts Sunday 

- Poll battles begin on Sunday until Friday at noon 

- Radio Sign in starts at 7:30pm-8:10pm radio station door closes 

- Pre battles 8:15pm -8:45pm

- On air Battles start at 9pm


3250 East Franklin

Detroit, MI



would you like to perform on the friday night cypher?

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